Floors and claddings in Modica

A store with the best brands in the field and a professional staff

With an expert in floors and claddings in Modica team, Pavingross is one of the reference companies for the construction industry thanks to the wide assortment of goods in its big store, the high quality products offer and the availability of the best Italian brands in the shop.

If you are looking for personalized floors and claddings in Modica, you can’t do without visiting the big show-room in Via Sorda Sampieri 238/A and being surprised by the variety of the on consignment available goods. In the shop you can find and touch with your hands a big goods variety, that is selected among the best brands in the field.

In the detail you can find whatever you look for the interior and outside location and choose among:

  • floors of various kind;
  • high quality ceramics;
  • interior and exterior claddings;
  • modern technology bathroom fixtures; 
  • precious taps and fittings.
So you can go to the show-room of Pavingross for choosing the most suitable to your needs and style products, trusting on a well assorted store and on the consulting of an expert team, that cares of the details and is ready to suggest the best solution, both in an aesthetical and functional viewpoint.

You will have at your disposal suitable for any kind of locations, interior or exterior, floors and claddings and the best brands on the market ceramics. Both if you want to replace the ruined tiles in your bathroom or in your kitchen, or if you want to renew the rooms of your commercial activity, or if you are a construction industry that is in a building phase, Pavingross will satisfy you with its products and its competitive prices.

Among the best brands of floors and claddings in Modica there are effectively at your disposal Paffoni, Roca, Inda, Baxi, Catalano, Unicom- Starker, Ragno products and many other ones, to guarantee high quality, aesthetic and functionality in the meantime. Thanks to the wide assortment of goods on consignment in Via Sorda Sampieri n. 238/A, you can choose the style that you like most and that identifies your idea of house.
From the modern design products, to the most rustic floors, from the shabby chic to the fine ceramics, from the smallest to the biggest shapes, you can choose the best products in the field of floors and claddings in Modica, for your locations, following the detailed advice of the staff that is at your disposal in the shop and evaluating carefully every detail to get the biggest satisfaction from your purchase. In the Pavingross shop is available the wholesale formula for the people who manage directly a construction industry or for people who work in the field, but also the retail sale for all the private people who want to be sure of finding first quality materials, in addition to a specialized and active over the years in the field consulting.
The team of the company is therefore able to assure competitive prices, the biggest professionality in the consulting field and a variety of solutions for spaces and locations of any kind and dimension. Each request will be treated and managed with the biggest care for your complete satisfaction.
In addition to be a reference point for floors and claddings in Modica, Pavingross is a specialized company in the supply of bathroom fixtures, taps and fittings and shower boxes, both for private people or for the business sphere. So you can choose to restore your flat or in construction house rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen.
Always in the show-room in Via Sorda Sampieri 238/A you can therefore visit the exposition of a wide assortment of goods on consignment. For this kind of products too, the staff will be at your disposal for a deepened consulting and for a focused assistance after the sale.
A great variety of solutions will be guaranteed to you, every one of them will be reflected by an expert team, daily present and active at the shop in Modica, rigorously respectful of your final budget and of your needs as a customer. Honesty, transparency and social responsibility are the most important qualities that the company historically concerns in the management of its work in the field of the construction industry.
Pavingross shows to have care and respect for the customer, proposing itself to consider and change, when it is possible, the sale prices, both wholesale or retail sale. There are periodically some offers specifically directed to the private people, but they can be evaluated by the entrepreneurs in the field too. Among these ones for instance the offers “empty the shop” that allow to buy complete bathroom fixtures at factory prices, or the offers “carpe diem” that allow the substitution in 12 hours of the old bath with a new, modern and most functional multitask shower box, without warrying about the removal of the old plants.
All the services, from the store to the goods exposition, from the purchase to the goods on consignment, are available at the shop Pavingross in Via Sorda Sampieri 238/A, where you can address without any obligation asking for an estimate for the flooring of your house that you are building or for the renewal of a bath or a kitchen.

A team of experts waits for you to offer you the biggest competence and assistance, in addition to a complete supply of high quality materials!