Ceramics wholesale in Modica

High quality and design for interior and outside claddings

Among the show-rooms of the ceramics wholesale in Modica, the one of Pavingross is with no doubts one of the most surprising. In the assortment of the company store there are lots of products and supplies for floors and claddings for high quality locations, often chosen among the best Italian and European brands, they are available goods on consignment.

In addition to the ceramics wholesale in Modica the company deals with the retail sale, to guarantee the private people too a wide choice of refined tiles and ceramics at competitive prices, for the restoration and the realization of floors with a deep aesthetic impact and a high functionality.

Among the available big brands in the exposition and in sale at the show-room in Via Sorda Sampieri 238/A (street to Modica) there are Musis, Paffoni, Roca, Inda, Ragno, Galassia, Unicom Starker, Catalano and Baxi ceramics and taps and fittings, in order to guarantee the highest quality, in addition to a reliable and precious product.
In order to choose the most suitable solution to your house and building needs then, Pavingross puts at your disposal a team of experts, constantly updated on the most fashionable trends and on the most modern design functionality in the field of the construction industry. The team can guide you in the show-room, offering a focused consulting and a particular care in the assistance.

To know more about us and to get a personalized estimate, you can address the company or go personally to the shop in Via Sordo Sampieri 238/A, without any obligation. The Pavingross team waits for you for offering you the best of its experience and competence in the field!