Ceramic claddings in Modica

Assistance, care in the details and quality

Pavingross is a company that has been active for many years in the province of Ragusa and it is specialized in the field of the construction industry and in the one of the ceramic cladding Modica. Its products, always selected among the best brands and its services, that are managed by a team of experts, address both the private customers and the companies, alwayswith a consulting, assistance and wholesale and retail sale.

Among the sellers of ceramic cladding Modica, the Pavingross is one of the richest in the store, other than one of the most expert in catching, understanding and pre-empting the market trends of the ceramics and the construction industry. Thanks to these important features the company can completely satisfy the needs of any customer, without letting down the expectations and respecting his budget and his personal style in “doing house”.

The first aim of the team is effectively to be able to receive entirely the customers’ needs with a unique care to the detail. Trade mark of the company, we could say, is the ability to imagine solutions that are perfectly adherent to the customers’ expectations and to answer concretely without underestimating the smallest detail too.

So the Pavingross in Modica distinguishes itself among the companies in the field thanks to the great care in all the operative and of competence phases. The team at work in the store in Via SordaSampieri 238/A lavishes as a leader in the choice of the products and as a consultant in case of one or more than one solutions suitable to the customer’s needs. The solutions should be not only functional, but also aesthetically valid.In the end, the staff will assist you also in the phase that follows the sale.

Going for the first time to the stable exposition in the show-room in Via SordaSampieri n. 238/A (street to Marina di Modica), after all, each customer, both the private one or a businessman in the field, will have the possibility to be surprised for the wide assortment and the quality of the shown merchandize.

Starting from the quantity of the available products in the store, ready to be delivered, the Pavingross turns out as an excellent reference point for the people who have clear ideas about the most suitable supply to their aims, both if they are the remake of the floor outside or the replacement ofruined tiles with precious ceramics.

People who don’t have the idea about how to proceed with the restoration of the bathroom, the kitchen or the attic can address a staff of experts, that are ready to put every day at disposal of the customer their experience in the field. The team will be glad to guide private customers and entrepreneurs in the choice of the most suitable materials to the functional needs of the locations that have to be restored, without forgetting the aesthetic desires and without betraying the reference budget.

Thanks to a great experience in the field of the building, calibrated over the years and on the various design trends, the focused consulting of the experts of Pavingross will be able to inspire and suppose detailed and concrete solutions for every kind of need, both for the interior locations of a private house or for the outdoor space of a commercial location

In the exposition at the show-room in Via SordaSampieri n. 238/A, in addition to a great number of products available in consignment, there are also wide assortments of the biggest brands in the field of the construction industry. Among these ones the precious products of Musis, Paffoni, Roca, Inda, Ragno, Galassia, Baxi, Unicom Starker and Catalano are some of the most important European brands that are selected by Pavingross.

For the people wholook for interior or external claddings, country or design floors, precious ceramics, precious taps and fittings, modern shower boxes and quality bathroom fixtures, the Pavingross in Modica is therefore able to offer reliable products that are perfect both from the functional viewpoint and the aesthetic and style one too.

Following the team consulting, you can actually create a shabby chic location or a minimal interior room, tile a living-room with a refined majolica or create a false wood effect even in the kitchen. Everything can be done considering the practical needs and your budget, following the indications of a personalized estimate.

So Pavingross is a guarantee for all the private people and the building industries that are looking for a reliable company, that puts at disposal of its customers not only materials and supplies among the best ones in the territory, but that makes it at competitive prices, also offering the consulting and assistance service of a specialized team in the field and being available for any need.

Honesty clearness and social responsibility become in this way guide values that identify the brand of the Pavingross in Modica, but also the daily work of the company reference staff, that waits for you in the show-room in Via SordaSampieri 238/A in order to offer you the biggest assistance and quality of the products.